Really? - Is that how its going to be?

I don't know what's going on. I guess i'm just not all that easy a person to get along with these days. It seems like everywhere I turn people are jumping down my throat. Of course the only person who might really be reading this is NOT who i'm talking about. Sorry by the way. I was rude and I apologize.
But I get home from having a pretty good time aside from the fact that my best friend wasn't talking to me. And I have this totally awesome message from my sister. Pretty much saying, "Thanks for being a backstabber." EXCUSE ME?
For the record, I emailed him ONCE while he was on his mission becuase SHE wanted me to get to know him. It's not my fault that he emailed me back. And yes, he's home now and I still talk to him. So what?!! She's married now and she dumped him, not me. I'm not going to stop being friends with someone because they are an ex of someone I know. Friend, sister, mother, whoever! You broke up with him, not me! And your saying i'm being disrespectful? How dare you question my motives. I'm friends with him because he's friends with me. And i'm not going to kick him to the curb because you want me too. Sorry, that's just not how I roll.
And another thing, I recall her being friends with someone that she NEVER would have met, aside from going through my myspace list and adding whoever might have been the cutest. Do you think I appreciated that at all? NO! You have you own God-Damned friends leave mine alone!!!
So, by popular demand. I suppose I'll drop from the face of the earth. If someone happens to send a rescue sometime in the future, great. Until then?....Peace out homies.

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