WOW - Uhm, I really am leaving!

I'm sorry last nights post was so brief. But I was really excited, you know shaking couldn't walk, couldn't evan talk kind of excited. And then it started sinking in. And all I could think was, "How am I supposed to move out of state in one month?...BY MYSELF!" I've done it before....kind of...but something about this seems different. Oh wait, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS DIFFERENT! I'm moving for a job, not school. And I am officially the only adult supervision I will have. Not that that's a bad thing at all its just...surreal.
Yes, technically I've been an adult for the past 3 years but if you know anything about me and my family...let me just put it this way. My Mom will let me get away with acting like a child. But I can't do that anymore. That fact actually makes me really, happy!
I am going to miss my family, and my friends so much. But my favorite part of all of this is that they support me. They know that its the best thing for me, and for them...otherwise it would not be happening.
So, I have one month to pay two months worth of bills. I have to get my car a tune-up, a full-size spare, insurance, and registration. I have to buy the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, cotton swabs...etc. (ooh, i need rubbing alcohol) And I have to pay for gas out there, food, and at least 2 weeks worth of whatever I need when I get there. Whoa! (I hope this Jordan thing really pays off.)
The point is, I am happy to be making the next step in life. It's going to be tough, but I know that I can do this. I guess i'm just asking you to 'know it' with me.

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NikkiBuell said...

Holly, you know how I feel about this situation. I love you a ton, and I'm so excited for you!