Sorry Homie - Please forgive

Okay, so I was a little angry with Elder Creer. But i'm good. I had them over for dinner tonight and we had a great talk. He has changed a lot but for the better. That's a good change, a great change.
I bore my testimony in church today. I needed that. During part I had said, "I don't know if i'm supposed to go on a mission or if that's what i'll end up doing." Creer's face was kinda funny when i said that. He freaked out. He was like, "what homie? since when? why?" When I finished what I was saying he felt better. haha.
I was challenged to get one more baptism before I leave...that's a little much! So we settled at a firm. We'll see what I can do. I know that if I pray for the chance and honestly strive to reach this goal that I will make it if it is God's will that it be so. I would love to have a firm before I leave. So would Elder Creer because that means he gets one more baptism before he goes home...haha. I'll share a baptism with him. I'm totally okay with that. Heck i've shared 'em with everyone else. I wouldn't want Creer to feel left out. haha.

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NikkiBuell said...

So you really aren't mad anymore? I'm still slightly mad...but I'll be over it soon enough. I suppose one day of a cold shoulder is enough. lol I still love you