General Conference October 2009

A friend of a friend of mine took all of the talks from the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve apostles (all 75 pages) and put the text into something called Wordle. It picks out all of the most used words from the text that you enter and creates a collage like the one below. I think its interesting to see what they were trying to get across this October. I love this!

WebMD....idk how to feel about it.

For those of you that don't know. WebMD has this awesome thing called a symptom checker. Basically it has a sketch of the human body, you click on where it hurts and then go through a list of symptoms and you check the ones that you have. It will then take those symptoms and give you detailed descriptions of about twenty different problems that you can read up on.
This is not to be used to diagnose yourself. It is simply to help you get an idea of what's going on, and then you know what sort of questions to ask your doctor. It can makes things in the doctor's office go a lot smoother.
Now when I use WebMD, I've made it a point to not freak out at the first thing I read...and then at all other 19 problems down the list. Chances are I don't have a broken leg AND prostate cancer. So I simply try to read about all of the possible problems with a completely objective point of view. (idk if that said what i meant it to say) Lets just say i'm not going to assume that i have everything on that list.
However, when you've read everything on there and....eh...they don't all match up. I can see quite a difference in what they say and what my actual problem is. But there is one...about the fourth down on the list....every single symptom of it is EXACTLY what i'm experiencing. How long things last. When they happen the most. A very detailed description of where exactly I have pain. Everything checks out.
Meanwhile, i'm wondering how exactly am I supposed to feel about that? Its not like its a minor problem either, this is a huge issue! But I can't afford to go in and get it even looked at. Now, if I absolutely knew what the problem was and/or how to take care of it better. It would be a lot easier for me to decide whether its worth it to have a doctor (and possibly surgeon) involved. But without knowing for sure, I don't want to spend all that money, that I don't have, just to have a doctor tell me to take it easy and use tylenol for the pain. Because i've been doing that. For three weeks i've been doing that.
I'm at my wit's end, will somebody PLEASE give me advice on what I should do?
Thanks for listening.


Why I want to go through the temple.

The temple garment, like the Holy Ghost, is the ultimate protection. Its a constant reminder of why we're here and what everything is about. It helps us to remember Heavenly Father's love for us and what Jesus Christ did for us when He was fulfilling the Atonement. It's like a constant embrace from our Father in Heaven, telling us that everything will be okay.
I have the opportunity for this type of reminder everyday when I choose to live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. And knowing that this reminder could be even greater after I have the opportunity to go through the temple is something that I can think of constantly in order to help me work towards the temple and recieving my endowments and someday, even a temple marraige.


Photography is a thriving art!

Okay, I was searching Google for Bridal Photo ideas for my bf's wedding coming up on Nov. 6 and I came across sarahstilesphotography.blogspot.com. I absolutely LOVE her photography style and her creativity. While I was browsing her photos I came across the maternity and infant photos and just fell in love. My sister is due in January so I put these up for her. These are a few of my favorites that Sarah has done. Enjoy!

I'm just swimming.

My favorite new quote is actually one that I JUST recently noticed in a movie that I watch pretty often.
"Sometimes He calms the storm, sometimes He calms the sailor, and sometime He just lets us swim."
Well, I'm swimming. I've been having such a hard time finding a job, a long with a lot of other crazy things that have been going on in my family. I really am trying not to complain...I think that may be the hardest part.
I remind myself daily that its all in the Lord's way. My time to thrive will come. I just have to keep my head above water for just a little longer.
One of my favorite things to do is ask people for scriptures. So if you have a favorite scripture or one that you've come across lately that really stuck in your mind, would you mind posting it as a comment for me to read? And feel free to read any that you see someone else has posted.
One of my personal favorites is 1 Corinthians 10:13. Sometimes it even helps to substitute the word "temptation" with "trial", or "test". I believe that the Lord wants me to know that. That He will not give me any problem I can't overcome. And the scriptures definitely help me with that. So if you can post your favorite scripture for me that would be great. And I hope that my favorite scripture can help you get through as well.