Moving on...a pre-requisite to happiness?

I was different with them. I was calm, I was positive, I was happy. I wasn't scared of marriage or kids...or anything! Its amazing how just the daily example of a certain person (people) in your life can make such a profound difference. And it's shocking how quickly those fears and feelings come flooding back when that example leaves.
I almost feel like they were a drug...a pill I could take everyday that made my life so much better. I've become dependant on this drug. Its something that I needed constantly and after so long I would have to go back for another fix. But now I have no access, no dealer...no way to get ahold of the thing that I need (want) to be at my peak.
Now, I know that it is possible for me to be the best me..without it (them)...but it won't be easy. It's like a man trying to bulk up fast...but without the steroids. It seems almost impossible, it takes a lot more of your time. Its exhausting.
I have to have the faith, that I can do it without them. I have to do it for myself now, not for another person. I have to do what I know is right...not what they tell me is right. (not that it was ever wrong) It's just me this time.
And...I can do it.


This is just sad.

I feel so terribly embarrassed for the person who asked this question! How does someone, living in this day and age NOT know something like that? Even though they teach it in just about every computer/typing class we all take through grade school, isn't it common knowledge? Why would you ask a question like that? on a public forum? on the internet? for the whole world to see? Maybe Yahoo! felt bad for this person...that's why the discussion was posted on the Yahoo! home page. I think my favorite answer has to be the one that says, "they have them on desktop computers too!!" lol, the next question will be, "what is a desktop computer?" my oh my!

On my laptops keyboard (QWERTY) there are some ridges on the F and J buttons, what are they for? - Yahoo! Answers