Here we go again!

Okay everyone! Here it comes! I'm starting a new semester this week! I'm really nervous excited for classes to start!
An update on last semester..I passed all my classes! WOO-HOO!! I didn't do as well as I could have but at this point passing is acceptable.  I got a B- in my English class! Totes wasn't expecting that!
Okay well there was one failing grade on there but it was a mistake and the professor is correcting it for me.  I have an A in that class! :)  (always wondered, what is the difference between a teacher and a professor?)
Anywho, I also have something really exciting that i'm going to start very soon! Just waiting on a package to be delivered (should get here tomorrow...EEEEEK!!!) I'm so excited!

and for those who were involved in the triathlon great job! I have the t-shirts coming to you very soon! :) Make sure I have your address! hollystumbles@gmail.com

Wish me luck on this new semester! my time-management skills need it!



God's Time is the Best.

Okay, so I was just catching up on some blog reading.  And seeing everyone's growing families makes me so happy for them!  ...but I have to be honest for a second...sometimes it just makes me a little day-dreamy about my future family.  So after reading through a few blogs I was being a little bit of a ridiculous girl and my roommate Caroline says to me, "Holly, God's time is the best.  It's not denied, its just delayed.  It will happen for you too and you will be so happy!"

She is sooo right!