my first attempt

so i'm making my sisters wedding invites...this is my first attempt using picasa...i'm still trying to figure out how to work photoshop

whadaya think?
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New Job!

Sooo, I haven't been doing a lot of updating lately. I'm sorry!

Well, good news! I got a new job! It's crazy how it happened because i've kind of been thinking, "I need a new job" but never really did anything about it. Because even though I was just scraping my on my Taco Bell checks, I was making it. So I didn't find it absolutely necessary to look for something else. One evening I was sitting at home Stumbling and I decided I was going to apply at a few banks online. What the heck! Might as well make good use out of my meaningless internet time. So in between Yanko and and Design Boom (my current favorites) I was putting in a few what I thought would be useless applications. Well, out of my boredom I happened to receive a job at Academy Bank! I love it! I can dress up, I can wear my hear down and the best part is that I don't smell like Taco Bell ALL THE TIME!!!!

I do still work at Taco Bell part time, and at the bank full time. Its a lot of hours but so far its worth it. Its times like these where I am so grateful that, even if for just a second, I was in tune with and followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

There's no greater gift than receiving the blessings your Heavenly Father once promised you!



Guess what ya'll?! I joined a gym again! And how i've missed it!
It is just WAAAAYYY too cold outside to keep running at the track so I splurged on myself.
Late Christmas - early birthday...whatever you want to call it I am so incredibly excited!!!! I know I may not always look like it but I LOVE working out! I love running, jogging, walking, biking, spinning, dancing, stretching, yoga, pilates, training, boxing, lifting, push-ups the whole lot of it! I LOVE IT!

So, I couldn't really keep telling myself that I would be wasting money when I absolutely would get GREAT use of a gym membership.

I love having the little fob on my keychain. I love having my workout duffle in the car...ready to go whenever! I love being able to say, sorry...I have to go to the gym.