Let's call it summer!

Okay, so I know its only January. But I am sooo ready for summertime. The music, the sports, the tan...all of it. And as I was thinking about this I realized. Summer it always the time of my life! Winter's...good. But oh, Summer! I even made my official Summer Music Playlist! You can get a little taste of it right here on my blog!

I know we have a whole lot of Winter left but you know what Mother Nature? I don't care! We'll do it in the snow. It is now officially Summer Time!!!!

Break out the short shorts and sun tan lotion, i'm going to the beach! (figuratively speaking)

Come on, who cares about the weather. I've decided i'm going to have the time of my life, always! Cause three months out of the year just isn't gonna cut it any longer!

Who's with me?!


A Blanket of Hope

Today, as I was standing outside waiting for my step-mom to come pick me up from my interview, all I could think...."It's absolutely freezing out here! This coat, these pants, these shoes, no hat, not exceptable for this weather. Oh, when will she get here? How long till i'm warm again?" It was me, me, me. Not that this is an unexceptable time to be thinking about oneself. But all I wanted to know was how long it would take until I was safe and warm again. I knew it would not be any extended amount of time..but the seconds ticked by ever so slowly.

However, on the way home....

As we pulled into a gas station to get a drink, I saw a homeless man huddled against the outside wall. He was trying to find shelter in the place where the snow would not hit, where the wind blew the least. He was barely succeeding. I can only imagine what he was thinking...."It's so cold. This coat (that's worn), these shoes (with holes), these pants (too short), no hat....it keeps me pretty warm. If only I had a blanket. I wonder if i'll ever be warm again." How much hope can a person in this situation have? I knew I would soon be warm, he only wonders. Maybe someday things will turn around for him. But for now, he just waits. And the seconds tick by ever so slowly.

However, in my heart I feel....

I know where warmth comes from. Not from homes and jobs and heaters and money. No, it comes from your heart. From the love we feel, from the Spirit that speaks so softly, it comes from the knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves me so much! And that He gave his Son for me! For everybody, but really specifically and lovingly for me! Oh how protected this knowledge makes me feel. And I know, like today in the snow, if I just stick it out and work hard...I will be warm again. I don't know the exact moment, but I know it is coming. And the seconds seem to go by just a little faster.
Like the homeless man at the gas station, those that don't have the Gospel in their lives don't know. They try and keep hope that someone cares, that things will turn around, that they will one day be warm. But with out a blanket, or the Gospel...all they have to do is wait, and wonder.

Share what you know. Share the truth and the light with everyone. You don't have to give them everything...just give them a blanket. And maybe, that blanket will give them more hope. And maybe their time, will go by just a little faster. Just maybe.


Spring Cleaning Comes a Little Early This Year.

Lately i've had a lot of negative things happening in my life. As I try to wade through the trash and avoid the big negative's I realized, maybe, if I picked up once in awhile it wouldn't be so hard to get from one side of the room to the other.

Hmm, can anyone say "Metaphor for life"?

My days wouldn't be so negative if only I removed the negative objects from below my feet. Instead of trying to make it through the trash, clean it up!

As hard as it is sometimes you just have to say "Goodbye".

So that's what i'm going to do. I'm saying "Goodbye", to a lot of people, places, and things that keep bringing me down. I don't have to live this way and its about time that I make my own choices, cause there is only one person who REALLY knows what's good for me, and that is God. I'm making my own choices now and they all begin with Him. And if I keep it up, it'll all end with Him as well.

That is the ultimate goal, afterall.