Hi there!

Okay, so it's been...a long time. And it looks like I need to change my background and everything...BUT ITS SO HARD! Can anyone help?! I want something cute but i'm not clever like all the rest of you faithful bloggers.

I guess I should make this an official post and tell you whats going on in my life eh? I've moved...again...I live in Grand Junction, Colorado. I really need to find a job so please please please pray for me!
I'm really excited for all the new things I get to experience. There's all the new people wherever I may work, also in my new singles ward. Living with my Dad again...its been a really long time. Also my sister is due Jan. 21!!! I'm going to be an Aunt! I cannot wait to meet my new niece Ashlyn Grace Moses!!!

There's so much more. But I think i'll keep this short.

oh yah,