I caved...

So, for awhile now I've been needing a new pair of sweatpants for pj's.  Shorts just don't cut it in the winter time and I'm moving to Idaho!  Not the coldest place on earth, but definitely colder than where I am now!  Well, on one of my many shopping adventures today I stopped in the men's section at Wal-Mart to pick up a pair of sweats.  I wanted to get away from the plain ol black and grey...I wasn't feeling the blue, and white was just not happening!  I was thinking about getting green but they only had them in an ugly foresty green color, blech!  So I landed and a pretty nice red pair.  (yes, i'm still talking about sweatpants)  On my way out they had some $5 Coca-Cola t-shirts.  I'd been eying them for awhile so I thought, what the heck, I can always use another t-shirt.  So I grabbed one.  As a was perusing the aisles I was thinking to myself...maybe a t-shirt isn't quite warm enough either.  I was looking at some long sleeved henley's and out of the corner of my eye I saw it.  The most beautiful clothing rack I ever saw!  FLANNEL!  Yes, I said flannel! And I meant it!  I landed on a pretty blue one and I got a size larger so that it would be extra comfy.  And it is!  And I must say, I don't think it looks all that bad either! ;)  Red sweatpants and a Coca-cola t-shirt peeking out of a comfy blue flannel....not too shabby!


Nighty-night!  Keep warm!  I recommend the flannel.


Must Admit...

I'm really really really really really really really really excited that my bro's and my sis are gonna be here in a couple days!  My dad will be back from work also...just in time for Christmas!  You know what else we need just in time for Christmas.....SNOW!!!!!!!  It's already frigid cold outside....have to get creative to keep warm!  So why not have a beautiful blanket of fresh powdery snow to go with it?  Did you know I own more than 12 blankets?  Just me, all by myself and I usually use all of them...at the same time.  Been looking into getting some earmuffs....don't know how it would be sleeping in those...maybe a beanie?  Eh, we'll see how it goes.  The point is!  Chad, Saren and Spencer are going to be here in like...TWO DAYS!!!!!  SUPER DUPER EXCITED!  Okay, goodnight all!


Here I go!

Here I go!  All day today I've been super frazzled and thinking "one week from today I will be in Idaho."  Well, all day today I was wrong.  It will be two weeks.  Not that that makes me any less frazzled!  Where did the time go?!  I remember in March just thinking "oh, its so far away this is going to take forever!"  Wrong again!  (I'm sure someone out there would really enjoy this post.  Just yesterday we had a discussion about how i'm never wrong...oops!)  Anywho, the point is...I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!  I feel like I have so much to do and I don't know how to do it!  ..if that makes any sense. 

I am really really excited to FINALLY be headed off to school.  But with that excitement comes a lot of anxiety!  It will be four years since I've been in school and even then I wasn't really "in school" I was usually at practice or on a bus on the way to N. Carolina for a game.   And before that it was two years since i'd been in school.  That is SIX FRIGGIN YEARS! (for those of you that suck at math...Mom! lol, jk, h-i, hop in!! ...there's a movie quote for ya!)  I just don't know where the time went!

All in all I know its a really good thing that I'm doing for myself.  Now, I don't consider myself a saint by any means but I don't do much for myself.  And I'm really excited about this one!  I will be praying a lot hoping that I get through this...pray for me?




My new address as of January 2nd, 2012 is as follows:

 Holly Sommerville
156 Viking Dr. Apt. 411
Rexburg, ID 83440

I like Letters and Cookies and Pictures and Presents and Recipes!

Love ya!  ;)


Dear Elder, thank you!

A good friend of mine recently posted a video that seems to me, it is meant to help inspire our wonderful missionaries as they are out doing the Lord's work. It has also inspired me...in so many ways! I know we all have our own conversion...but there is something special about someone who has converted to the church that didn't grow up with it. You see, to me, church is home. It's something that's always been there and I have always known. I love the gospel so so much and believe it and know it with all my heart. But I didn't have to change much to be a part of it. I didn't have to give up any family or friends to continue to live the standards that I love. To me, converts are amazing! There is a lot of the time when they choose to walk away from everything they've ever known and sometimes their families and friends, in order to live a life they know is right. To me, that is amazing! ...and inspiring!

Do you ever wonder, what is holding you back? What is it that keeps you from changing. It's not that much change. And you've known what's been right your whole life. So what's the problem? The girl in this video, Al Fox, knows what is right. And her life changed before her very eyes and she's living it right! Just like that. To me, that is amazing!

Here is the link to her video, Dear Elder. It's such an inspiring and beautiful message! And I hope that there are many you can share it with! But that is not all, here is a link to her blog. I came across it, as well, along with the video and I tell you she is one amazing girl!

I may not be a convert to the church. But I must admit, I too, am one of the rescued. Missionaries have been a huge part of my life and helping me and inspiring me to live it better. I wish that I could reach out to each and every one of them and just say, "thank you!". Thank you for all that you have done! It is not easy to stand up for your religion without pause, sometimes in a different country, to people you do not know, and maybe even some you do. Thank you!
Let me ask you...have you thanked your missionary today?


I wish I was better at this....

Okay, so for like the 100th time! It's been a while huh? Things have been crazy with work, family, getting ready for school and having no computer! (totally bites) I just don't know if I can keep up with all you awesome bloggers but hey, I do my best. Not sure how much I actually have to report here. But let's give it a go shall we?

-This weekend I was actually able to visit Utah with my family for my brother Alex's baptism. I had a great time! We saw the lights at Temple Square, took a tour of the Conference Center, went to the Festival of Trees.
{sidenote: I must say that as a person who spent much of her young life at Primary Children's Medical Center, for one reason or another, it was really touching to see everything that people do to help those poor children and their families. It made me feel so grateful to know that there are so many people willing to give. Nearly all the trees and Gingerbread Houses were sold when I had arrived...do you know how many trees that is?!??! I think someday I would like to donate a tree for this great cause. A lot of children don't see much outside of that hospital, I am grateful that my Heavenly Father has a different plan for me and that I didn't have to spend as much time there as so many other children. My prayers will always be with them!}
We also got to spend sometime with more of our family and my wonderful amazing Grandparents who were just as funny and sweet and loving as always! I got to see a hilarious movie with one amazing guy! ;) It was just a great weekend.

-Remember when I said January was so far away and I didn't want to wait so long to be going to school at Brigham Young University-Idaho? Well, as predicted by everyone but me, time has FLOWN! January is right around the corner and I am so not prepared! I mean why would I be? That would just make life too easy...and we can't have any of that now can we?

-I'm really excited that some more of my giant family will be visiting for Christmas! Chad, Saren and Spencer will be here in just a matter of weeks! I miss them so much! And I'm so excited to see them for a bit before I run off to Idaho...where I plan to freeze off just about every part of my anatomy.

I think that's it for now. Thanks for checking in! Hopefully, I'll be able to do this more often and become a pro-blogger like the rest of you awesome folk!

Until then....


Let's Read Together!

I may have sent you all a link on Facebook for this already, but I feel it necessary to post it here for you just in case. (sorry its a few days late)

We are going to read the Book of Mormon by New Years!

I'm so excited! I must admit, I've never read the whole Book of Mormon all the way straight through. How sad is that?!

So when this little challenge was sent to me I jumped at the chance! I guess I figure why not now?! I've started reading each day and I'm doing my best to stick with it. I don't actually own a set of scriptures right now. (even sadder, I know!) So I've been borrowing my sisters or I have the app on my phone and I've been reading from there. Well, that's working but I wish that I could mark everything....luckily, i'm taking a little trip to Utah this weekend where I will buy my very own set of scriptures! yay!

I hope you'll join me on this scriptural adventure! And please if you want to make this a discussion below in the comments...by all means! Who knows, maybe you all will teach me something(s) awesome!!!!

This is the schedule we are going by. Its only been a few days so i'm sure all you smarties can catch up!

Happy reading!


Super Crafty!

This weekend my step-mom had to leave town and I was left in charge of the four younger kids. Emma is twelve. Alex is 6. Jared is 5, and Eric will be 3 this month. Aye-aye-aye!!!! They all have so much energy! I knew that I would have to come up with something awesome to do to keep them occupied.

Well, I've seen these all overPinterest, I've Stumbled over it a few times and even seen it on some Blogs and to tell you the truth, I just couldn't help myself!

We started with a box of 64 crayons. Took out all the blacks and browns and used another smaller box so I had more of the good colors.

Then we hot glued the crayons to the top of the canvas. Looks good so far huh?!

After that we all took turns with the blowdryer.

After just a little while with the blowdryer the wax starts to get real shiny and then .......



The kids had such a great time! And they behaved! ...for the most part anyway.

Happy Crafting!


"Here today, gone tomorrow" .....lets focus on the "here today" part.

I've been thinking a lot about friendships. I usually have one or two close friends at a time and then something changes in one of our lives and that person is replaced by someone knew. It seems to usually be a smooth transition. No huge heart aches, just two people moving on. We kinda keep in touch here and there for awhile and it slowly dies off and eventually we're left wondering, "what ever happened to so-and-so?"

I don't mean to make it seem so in-personal. I love all of my friends. Those in my life now and those that have come and gone. Those that pop in from time to time. I don't mean to brag but I feel like I have a large capacity for remembering people. Sometimes I'll be on my knees and at random the face of an old friend will pop into my head. I usually just add a little tidbit into my prayers for that person, say amen and climb into bed. Sometimes, though, I remain on my knees and think of where/when we grew so far apart.

Recently, I have grown apart from one of the best people I've ever known in my life. Someone with whom I was especially close. She is incredibly smart and charming. She is an amazing writer! She also had a pretty remarkable re-activation to the church. She mentioned to me a few times that I was a big part of that and that I really helped her along the way. I try to think of what I may have done to help her and regretfully, I can't think of anything. I wasn't a good example in ...any way really. Mostly, I can only think of what she did to help me come back to church. Everybody has their own battles and for me this was particularly difficult. Now, I am no where near perfect but I've come a long way. I have my falls now and then but the thing that always helps me back up is remembering all the support she gave me. Every time I needed some advice, someone to talk to, even a kick in the pants she was there and she set me straight, and that means more to me than anything.

I think of her quite often and am sad that we no longer talk. Things happen everyday and she's the first person I wish I could call. Mostly I feel like I just want to call her and say Thank You. Thank you for always being there, for being strong for me, for standing up for me, and for calling me out when it was necessary. I am more grateful to have known you than you will probably ever know. Its really hard to think back and not have any idea what happened.

I know that sometimes people come into our lives only for a short while and its hard sometimes when they leave. But something I think i'm starting to realize...even though it may be sad when someone is no longer in our lives for whatever reason. I need to do better at focusing on the ones that are here now.

So this is it. I'm really going to try. I love all my friends so so so much. Its about time I showed it huh?


Swimming :) Sunburn :(

So, the other day I had a day off, Brittany had a free day, and my younger step-sisters are still on summer break. So we all decided to take Ashlyn (my niece, Brittany's daughter) swimming. It was a beautiful day out! Near perfect weather! So we are all ready to go and we get there but before anyone is allowed in the pool I break out the sunscreen. I tell everyone "Don't forget you hairline, your ears, the back of your neck...etc" Britt says, "I put too much on Ashlyn it won't rub in all the way."
"Good!" I said, "we know she wont get burnt that way!"

We are all having a great time! Ashlyn lasted longer than she ever has at the pool! She was having a blast it was the cutest thing i'd ever seen.

About an hour into it I tell everyone they might want to re-apply some sunscreen. We lather up Ashlyn again. She looks like she's been painted white! We're out there for maybe another hour and a half. And then Ashlyn is restless and its time to get home.

Oh, guess what I forgot....in making sure everyone else was protected against skin cancer I failed to put ANY sunscreen on myself. And most of my skin hasn't seen the light of day in years, if at all.

And of course my new swimsuit makes it look as though I was wearing a sports bra to the pool, I wasn't by the way! Worst tan/burn line ever! Seriously, what was I thinking? Or not thinking? It is super de-duper painful. And my lovely sister are helping me out and putting aloe on it twice a day. I hope it will go away quickly. I hope that I won't peel. I hope that someday I can remember to put sunscreen on myself too! Sigh....until then.

It looked worse the next day!


Its been FOREVER!!!!

I don't have the constant use of a computer and the internet like I used to so its really hard to blog...I miss it so much!
Well, lets see whats going on eh?
Sometime between January and March - I was accepted to Brigham Young University-Idaho. I will be on the Winter/Spring track and I begin in January 2012. Its about 5 months away at this point and I am REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!
April 30th - My beautiful sister Courtney Brianne was married to the wonderful Jorge Andrade.
(I made their invites. check out my other blog to view them)
May 1st - I was made Assistant Branch Manager at Academy Bank and recieved a pretty awesome raise! :)
June 17th - My bestest friend EVER!!!! Was sealed to her husband in the Oakland California Temple. And I would give anything to turn back time and be able to be there for her! Love you NIKKI!!!
July 1st - I turned 24 and to tell you the truth I feel pretty old! lol
July 5th - I took my bike out to Loma, CO to go 'round Rustlers Loop. I crashed and broke my left elbow. :/ Apparently I broke it in the right spot! (whatever that means!) I don't need a cast, which is awesome and scary, and the doctor says its healing up great! I still can't turn a doorknob or lift...anything really. But if you didn't know my elbow was broken...you wouldn't know! I have a pretty good range of motion right now. Only slightly limited.
I think that pretty much sums it up!
Don't worry! I'm working on fixing up my computer/hoping a millionaire will just buy me one. A Macbook Pro. So if you know any charitable millionaire's, send them my way ;)
And so, I will be on posting A LOT MORE again here real soon.
Til then!


my first attempt

so i'm making my sisters wedding invites...this is my first attempt using picasa...i'm still trying to figure out how to work photoshop

whadaya think?
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New Job!

Sooo, I haven't been doing a lot of updating lately. I'm sorry!

Well, good news! I got a new job! It's crazy how it happened because i've kind of been thinking, "I need a new job" but never really did anything about it. Because even though I was just scraping my on my Taco Bell checks, I was making it. So I didn't find it absolutely necessary to look for something else. One evening I was sitting at home Stumbling and I decided I was going to apply at a few banks online. What the heck! Might as well make good use out of my meaningless internet time. So in between Yanko and and Design Boom (my current favorites) I was putting in a few what I thought would be useless applications. Well, out of my boredom I happened to receive a job at Academy Bank! I love it! I can dress up, I can wear my hear down and the best part is that I don't smell like Taco Bell ALL THE TIME!!!!

I do still work at Taco Bell part time, and at the bank full time. Its a lot of hours but so far its worth it. Its times like these where I am so grateful that, even if for just a second, I was in tune with and followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

There's no greater gift than receiving the blessings your Heavenly Father once promised you!



Guess what ya'll?! I joined a gym again! And how i've missed it!
It is just WAAAAYYY too cold outside to keep running at the track so I splurged on myself.
Late Christmas - early birthday...whatever you want to call it I am so incredibly excited!!!! I know I may not always look like it but I LOVE working out! I love running, jogging, walking, biking, spinning, dancing, stretching, yoga, pilates, training, boxing, lifting, push-ups the whole lot of it! I LOVE IT!

So, I couldn't really keep telling myself that I would be wasting money when I absolutely would get GREAT use of a gym membership.

I love having the little fob on my keychain. I love having my workout duffle in the car...ready to go whenever! I love being able to say, sorry...I have to go to the gym.




I can't even begin to describe how good today is! The sun is shining! Its nice and not super cold out! and today was the first day I listened to the first draft of my 2011 Summer Playlist. What's better than that? I say first draft because it clearly needs more music, and you always have to leave room for new music that comes out during the spring and summer. I know its January..but you gotta get started on this stuff early! Here's a little preview:

Cartel - Anything Else
Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
Sarah Bereilles - Bottle it Up
Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into the Dark
The Cure - Love Song
Kid Rock - All Summer Long
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life
Family Force 5 - Supersonic
Matchbox Twenty - How Far We've Come
Don Henley - All She Wants to do is Dance
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Keisha - Blah Blah Blah
Michael Buble - Fever
Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Record On
Lady Antebellum - American Honey

You probably know all of these songs but if not you HAVE to check them out. This is just a little taste of whats going on in that shiny little iPod of mine. If you have any suggestions please please PLEASE share!!!!

I recommend you start on your summer playlist as well! Open the windows, spray something that smells like flowers or better yet, BUY FRESH FLOWERS! And then start singing!