Its been FOREVER!!!!

I don't have the constant use of a computer and the internet like I used to so its really hard to blog...I miss it so much!
Well, lets see whats going on eh?
Sometime between January and March - I was accepted to Brigham Young University-Idaho. I will be on the Winter/Spring track and I begin in January 2012. Its about 5 months away at this point and I am REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!
April 30th - My beautiful sister Courtney Brianne was married to the wonderful Jorge Andrade.
(I made their invites. check out my other blog to view them)
May 1st - I was made Assistant Branch Manager at Academy Bank and recieved a pretty awesome raise! :)
June 17th - My bestest friend EVER!!!! Was sealed to her husband in the Oakland California Temple. And I would give anything to turn back time and be able to be there for her! Love you NIKKI!!!
July 1st - I turned 24 and to tell you the truth I feel pretty old! lol
July 5th - I took my bike out to Loma, CO to go 'round Rustlers Loop. I crashed and broke my left elbow. :/ Apparently I broke it in the right spot! (whatever that means!) I don't need a cast, which is awesome and scary, and the doctor says its healing up great! I still can't turn a doorknob or lift...anything really. But if you didn't know my elbow was broken...you wouldn't know! I have a pretty good range of motion right now. Only slightly limited.
I think that pretty much sums it up!
Don't worry! I'm working on fixing up my computer/hoping a millionaire will just buy me one. A Macbook Pro. So if you know any charitable millionaire's, send them my way ;)
And so, I will be on posting A LOT MORE again here real soon.
Til then!

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Kirk & Nikki said...

Yay me! I finally got married, and its on your blog! I feel soooo special!