Okay everyone! Play along, I think this will be fun!

I've posted a poll on the left column of my blog asking simple 'Get To Know You Questions' and I want you all to answer it. Basically each question will be up for one week. I will then choose another question that I would like you to answer.
Remember its all in fun. I hope you guys will play!

Trying to post things, but it seems impossible!

I tried adding some word documents for my friends to see, but the image uploader wouldn't accept them because they aren't pictures. So I tried recreating them as pictures but that was altogether time consuming and they didn't look as good that way. Then I created a Scribd account so that I could upload the documents there and then post them on the blog. The documents did not upload properly there either.
So, I'd like to add the documents so that you all can vote on them. I'd like to, but I can't.
So sorry.

If you have any tips to post 'word documents' on blog please let me know.


The good, the bad and the ugly. :Wedding Rings:

I absolutely LOVE these rings. I think they are gorgeous! Simple, yet elegant. Very classy.

This is fun. You record your voice saying "Yes, I do" and they etch the sound wave into a very modern wedding ring. Of course you can say anything you want. They even make necklaces! THE BAD

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who would wear these???!!

Admittedly...I did laugh the first time I saw this. But what a gruesome thought for a wedding ring? If you are divorced or planning on it, and hopefully you're not, they have what's called "The Wedding Ring Coffin." May your memories rest in peace and out of sight when you place the ring inside its own, very detailed, very small coffin. You can even buy plaques that say things like "Rest In Peace" and "I do....NOT!"


How Much is Too Much?

There are some things in life that i've never been a pro at. So when it comes down to it, I don't actually know what i'm doing. How do I know how far to take it? How do I know when to just let it be? And how do I know when to just realize that it is a waste of my time and move on?


From All Sides

He's coming at me from all sides.
Temptation, urges, my family, he's trying to get me mad.
What can I do, to drive Satan's influence from my life as much as possible?
I don't know how to get rid of him.
How can I make him leave me alone?
Please, please, leave me alone!!!


The Day the Towers Fell

They awoke, packed, security, board, take off.
They awoke, commuted, clocked in, worked.
They awoke, washed, ate, waited.

They heard, they cried, they hit.
They heard, they thought, they ran.
They heard, they dressed, they drove.

They died.

We heard, watched, gasped, and cried.
We thought, prayed, pondered, and looked.
We stood, we stand, united.

Everyone saw something different that day. Some people were confused. A lot were terrified. But I think that most of us, were furious.
We stood up and spoke out. We supported and loved eachother. We were strong.

What happened?

The current downfall of our economy is a direct result, not of the events of 9/11, but of the fear that we let enter our hearts that day. They never got us before. We were undefeated. Why stop now?

Don't let them scare you! Stand up! Speak out! Fight back! I'm not saying, War. I'm saying, lets be American again. Be the same Americans we were during WWII. Be the same we were during WWI. Be the same Americans we were when we took our freedom.

What happened to those people? They had heart. They had drive. They had balls!
Grow some, and join us.

We are the United States of America.
Let's unite, and be American again.

(This is to encourage everyone to join The 9/12 Project. On Saturday, September 12, Glenn Beck will be broadcasting LIVE from Washington DC, from 1pm - 3pm ET. Please watch and listen. Take notes. Its about time we take back our country!)


A Happy Day

So, I am helping a friend plan her wedding that's coming up on November 6th, 2009. While its stressful its also very exciting. I see her smile and laugh and cry and plan and dream and i'm just so excited for her and her fiance' to be going through the temple and beginning their eternity together. But there is that part of me that, while i'm so happy for them, wishes I was planning my own wedding. Is this pathetic? It's not the particular guy, I'm not even sure its primarily the fact that they are getting MARRIED. I think, mostly, its the fact that its the temple. I want to go through the temple. Yes, I know, my time will come. I think, however, knowing that I can't go in, just makes me want to that much more. That's kind of how a lot of things work down here isn't it, lol.
I miss it. I miss the feeling of peace and serenity, just knowing how close you are to your Heavenly Father when you are in the temple. But I also know, that if I just have that patience and that obedience and that endurance that we are commanded to have, I will soon receive the blessings that we've been promised. I will receive the blessings and the opportunity of the temple and probably even marraige.
While it is a long hard road, I know that it will most definitely be worth it. And I can't wait until the day I can answer affirmatively, the question, "Do you feel worthy to enter the temple, the house of the Lord?" That will be a happy day indeed.

If I Only Had Today

Hilary Weeks new album, If I Only Had Today, raises a question...what would I do, if I only had today?
I would want to do all of the things that I think would make you happy. The problem here is, I don't know if they really will, make you happy, that is.
I could clean the kitchen and do the laundry, I could even vacuum the stairs. But would that really make you happy? Tomorrow I would just wish that I had done something different. I'd wish that I would've held you. I'd wish that I would've told you that I love you. I'd wish that we would've talked about forever. But most of all, I'd wish that I had today.
Knowing that I may only have today, is scary. I want more. I want tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. But we only have today, right?
I know that we have tomorrow. I know that we have forever, eternity. But earth is a scary place without you. And i'm scared that today is the last day with you on earth. I just hope that my prayers are answered and that you can stay with me for a little while longer here on earth.
But most important, I hope you know that I love you.


Impatiently Waiting

I'm waiting patiently, but i'm not sure what to do whilst I continue waiting. I have to admit I don't have a great deal of patience with...well, anything. So this is becoming quite ridiculous.
I've applied to work at the Sherwood Mall Sprint Store and the only thing that we need before I start is the background check. Have you EVER heard of a background check taking more than THREE WEEKS?!! I have to tell you, I am actually getting pretty upset with the whole situation.
I need a job. Not just any job, this job! I've done the math and getting this job at Sprint would be absolutely more than perfect, for the situation i've, regrettably, gotten myself into. And I do not have the time to wait for the stupid background check, or the fact that its been put on hold because of the hiring freeze they have going on right now. Bill collectors will not wait, and I can't either.
I know the situation is nobody's fault but my own, its just getting really frustrating waiting for the economy to bounce back from whatever is going on!


My Mistakes

Do you ever learn from your mistakes, before the mistake has even ended? Like you've been trapped?
I've offered myself to this whole thing and now that i'm in it and can't get out, now I realize that I can't do it. I just really hope that I don't screw this up for them. That's what I feel like is going to happen.
I don't even know where to go from here.