The good, the bad and the ugly. :Wedding Rings:

I absolutely LOVE these rings. I think they are gorgeous! Simple, yet elegant. Very classy.

This is fun. You record your voice saying "Yes, I do" and they etch the sound wave into a very modern wedding ring. Of course you can say anything you want. They even make necklaces! THE BAD

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who would wear these???!!

Admittedly...I did laugh the first time I saw this. But what a gruesome thought for a wedding ring? If you are divorced or planning on it, and hopefully you're not, they have what's called "The Wedding Ring Coffin." May your memories rest in peace and out of sight when you place the ring inside its own, very detailed, very small coffin. You can even buy plaques that say things like "Rest In Peace" and "I do....NOT!"

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