A Happy Day

So, I am helping a friend plan her wedding that's coming up on November 6th, 2009. While its stressful its also very exciting. I see her smile and laugh and cry and plan and dream and i'm just so excited for her and her fiance' to be going through the temple and beginning their eternity together. But there is that part of me that, while i'm so happy for them, wishes I was planning my own wedding. Is this pathetic? It's not the particular guy, I'm not even sure its primarily the fact that they are getting MARRIED. I think, mostly, its the fact that its the temple. I want to go through the temple. Yes, I know, my time will come. I think, however, knowing that I can't go in, just makes me want to that much more. That's kind of how a lot of things work down here isn't it, lol.
I miss it. I miss the feeling of peace and serenity, just knowing how close you are to your Heavenly Father when you are in the temple. But I also know, that if I just have that patience and that obedience and that endurance that we are commanded to have, I will soon receive the blessings that we've been promised. I will receive the blessings and the opportunity of the temple and probably even marraige.
While it is a long hard road, I know that it will most definitely be worth it. And I can't wait until the day I can answer affirmatively, the question, "Do you feel worthy to enter the temple, the house of the Lord?" That will be a happy day indeed.

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