The Day the Towers Fell

They awoke, packed, security, board, take off.
They awoke, commuted, clocked in, worked.
They awoke, washed, ate, waited.

They heard, they cried, they hit.
They heard, they thought, they ran.
They heard, they dressed, they drove.

They died.

We heard, watched, gasped, and cried.
We thought, prayed, pondered, and looked.
We stood, we stand, united.

Everyone saw something different that day. Some people were confused. A lot were terrified. But I think that most of us, were furious.
We stood up and spoke out. We supported and loved eachother. We were strong.

What happened?

The current downfall of our economy is a direct result, not of the events of 9/11, but of the fear that we let enter our hearts that day. They never got us before. We were undefeated. Why stop now?

Don't let them scare you! Stand up! Speak out! Fight back! I'm not saying, War. I'm saying, lets be American again. Be the same Americans we were during WWII. Be the same we were during WWI. Be the same Americans we were when we took our freedom.

What happened to those people? They had heart. They had drive. They had balls!
Grow some, and join us.

We are the United States of America.
Let's unite, and be American again.

(This is to encourage everyone to join The 9/12 Project. On Saturday, September 12, Glenn Beck will be broadcasting LIVE from Washington DC, from 1pm - 3pm ET. Please watch and listen. Take notes. Its about time we take back our country!)

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