I recently did a little "Spring Cleaning" with my iTunes. I also replaced the songs that were currently on my iPod with some new, more uplifiting music..and let me tell you, I've already seen a world of change! Who knew?! I guess I never realized how much certain types of music can affect me Spiritually, until I made the decision to change it. Boy, if that's not the best, of the simplest decisions i've ever made...I don't know what is.

I think that with this change, I can see more clearly what other things I need changed. That is a huge step! You can't fix something you don't know is broke, right? It's such a great feeling just KNOWING that i'm on the right path. I love it!

Now, I find myself thinking...what next? What else can I change, delete, or just improve in my life to help myself right along? You guessed it! Of course, its the obvious Seminary/Primary/Sunday School answers that everybody knows.

Unlike I-15, however, with my Spirituality currently under construction, I believe I will actually be MORE accessible! Oh, what Joy!!! As I delete the poison's from my life, and invite the goodness back in, I can already see the blessings that i'm recieving...LOVIN' IT!


Gotta Love Sunday!!!

Today was such a great day!!!!

It was Music Sunday in the Grand Junction 12th Ward...so basically we sang hymns all day. I was diggin' it!

I took a REALLY LONG nap on Mike's couch, which was nice...although, I think I was snoring. Mike said I wasn't, but then he laughed so, idk what that means.

Mike's sister Sarah made a DELICIOUS dinner for their mom for Mother's Day! And they shared! lol, it was yummy!

Went to Ward Prayer and spent a little bit of time with friends.

Couldn't top that!

Also, for those of you whom I've missed, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day! I sincerely hope that you were spoiled beyond belief, you all deserve it!

Here's hoping for a week that is just as pleasant...:crosses fingers:


Sleep: The wicked won't get it, the good won't need it.

I feel like I need it sooo much but, I never get it. I'm so tired each night, but by the time I get home, I get that second wind and can't seem to even keep my eyes shut.
Does this mean i'm wicked?
I look over the things i'm doing in my life. And I know there are certain things that I can/should live without. I can't seem to get rid of them, however.
Does this mean i'm weak?
"You will have the power to overcome all temptation." The only line I can remember from my Patriarchal Blessing. I need to get a new copy of it but never seem to 'get around to it'. (What does that even mean?) I know I will only have this power if i'm doing everything right...everything i'm supposed to be doing to follow the Lord.
So, what am I missing?
SUNDAY SCHOOL ANSWERS. Everyone knows them. They seem so simple yet....yet, what? Am I avoiding it? Am I ignoring it? What am I doing?
"We live in a day and time that is a battlefield. We need to be armed each day to make it out alive." This is my favorite 'locked' text message i've ever recieved. I read it everyday. So....what is the problem?
I must ask myself, "Holly, what are you doing (or not doing) in your life that is keeping the Spirit from you? What must you do to change it? Why have you not begun to fix the problem?"
I don't have an answer for myself. Is it because I don't know? Or is it because I have no good reason? Is there any such thing as a "good reason" for not doing the right thing? No!
Now, what?
"Do or do not - there is no try." Thanks Yoda.