I recently did a little "Spring Cleaning" with my iTunes. I also replaced the songs that were currently on my iPod with some new, more uplifiting music..and let me tell you, I've already seen a world of change! Who knew?! I guess I never realized how much certain types of music can affect me Spiritually, until I made the decision to change it. Boy, if that's not the best, of the simplest decisions i've ever made...I don't know what is.

I think that with this change, I can see more clearly what other things I need changed. That is a huge step! You can't fix something you don't know is broke, right? It's such a great feeling just KNOWING that i'm on the right path. I love it!

Now, I find myself thinking...what next? What else can I change, delete, or just improve in my life to help myself right along? You guessed it! Of course, its the obvious Seminary/Primary/Sunday School answers that everybody knows.

Unlike I-15, however, with my Spirituality currently under construction, I believe I will actually be MORE accessible! Oh, what Joy!!! As I delete the poison's from my life, and invite the goodness back in, I can already see the blessings that i'm recieving...LOVIN' IT!

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