Gotta Love Sunday!!!

Today was such a great day!!!!

It was Music Sunday in the Grand Junction 12th Ward...so basically we sang hymns all day. I was diggin' it!

I took a REALLY LONG nap on Mike's couch, which was nice...although, I think I was snoring. Mike said I wasn't, but then he laughed so, idk what that means.

Mike's sister Sarah made a DELICIOUS dinner for their mom for Mother's Day! And they shared! lol, it was yummy!

Went to Ward Prayer and spent a little bit of time with friends.

Couldn't top that!

Also, for those of you whom I've missed, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day! I sincerely hope that you were spoiled beyond belief, you all deserve it!

Here's hoping for a week that is just as pleasant...:crosses fingers:

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