First Day - Not Too Shabby

I don't know what else to say. But it went pretty well. I got into 4 houses but they were all just a waste of time. But over all, I do feel really good about how it went today. I think that is mainly because I know what I need to work on. Knowing is MORE than half the battle. If I went through the day like I did, and didn't know. It would be soooo absolutely frustrating and would not at all be helpful. It's good to know. And....good news my feet don't even hurt that bad. Either I picked some REALLY good shoes....or the pain is waiting for one grand entrance. In that case....can't wait!
Supa tired!
Peace out.


I MADE IT!!! - Whew, what a drive.

Okay everyone, i'm here and i'm safe. I was the first girl here and so far no one else yet....we'll see what happens.
If you want to write or send me stuff (I like stuff) my new address is:

4675 Alta Point Apt. 1925-E
Colorado Springs, Co 80918

Love ya!


Two states down, two more to go - I love Utah!!!

So I left around 6 am this morning and got here at about...6 pm. (technically 5 CA time). Pretty good timing huh? Yes, I took a picture of myself while driving...SUE ME!
It was a good drive...it didn't seem to take as long as I thought it was going to.

Everything went great. My car ran great. I got pretty good gas mileage too, even through Donner.

I'm just glad to be out of the car..for now.

I leave for CO on Saturday morning.

I'm not there yet...keep praying for me please!

* * * * *

:sighs: The Wasatch! I LOVE IT!!

Yes, I took a picture of a street sign. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I-215 is important to me!
I'm just so happy to be here...it'll be a sad day when I have to leave so soon.

Oh well, I can always come back another day!


Rockstar - I'm Writing Again

In the Summer of 2006, at Stockton Stake Young Women's Girls Camp, I wrote my first song. "In Memory." With the help of Nichole, Candice, Marissa and Janae we sang it when they announced the winner of that years Bryant Pittman Award. It was perfectly fitting since I wrote it about him. Right when we got home from camp we worked hard to get it recorded to hand out at the next Wednesday's Camp Awards Ceremony, where we performed it again.

The next year, also during Girls Camp, I wrote my second song. "More Than Nice." I was at home while my Mom and sister were at camp. This time, the song was written for the California Sacramento Missionaries. Focused a little on Stockton.

Since the first day that I wrote "More Than Nice" I knew it needed more than guitar. I wanted to add the drums to it. Ever since that time I've been trying to get together with Jeff so that he could lay down a track for it. Well last week it finally happened. Wednesday night at 5 o'clock we started jammin, and it sounds amazing.

We got together again tonight, this time Nichole tagged along, and Jeff's brother Scott played Bass. It sounds even better. We also messed around a little with "In Memory" and we are going to re-record that with the drums and bass as well. They both sound so good and got Nichole and me inspired to keep writing.

Well we sat down and worked for about 3 hours and we have our first verse and the beginnings of a chorus. It's going to take a lot of working together but so far it sounds great. And I know i'm going to love what Scott and Jeff can add to it.

I miss writing. And i'm really very glad that I get to do that again. Not only that, but I get to work with others to put together some fantastic music.

What i'm really trying to say is...I'm in a band! And that's really very exciting for me!


There's been too many - I'm done.

Yesterday afternoon, my grandma (Grammy) had a mini-stroke while she was having a check up at the doctor's office. She went immediately to the E.R. and later that night she was admitted into the hospital.
She has 60 - 70% blockage in her arteries. In order to fix it she may need surgery. Tomorrow she's going to have a stress test done and my Mom is a little worried. Which, in turn, makes me a little worried.
Apparently it's Grand-parents day at St. Joseph's. My cousin's Grandma also had a stroke recently and is in the hospital. She had a severe stroke and has a lot of weakness in her left side, and his having trouble talking. My cousin said that she could barely handle seeing her Grandma like that.
While Grammy is in better condition, I still don't like seeing her in the hospital. I broke down last night. I can't take it anymore.
My cous' is having trouble because she's basically never seen anyone in this type of condition. Everyone in her family has always been pretty healthy. For me, another person in the hospital is pretty much just another day. So I should be used to it right?
You never get used to something like this. You shouldn't have to get used to your family being sick. It's not fair. And I'm done being "used to it." I'm done seeing my family in the hospital. Why can't we all just be healthy like Nikki's family? Why can't I be used to seeing people at family get-togethers instead of hearing "oh she wasn't too well, that's why she's not here."
I'm tired of my family missing everything and each other because they're too sick. It's not right. It's not fair. It's not something I want to live with anymore.
Unfortunately in this case, the agency is not mine. I don't know what to do anymore.