First Day - Not Too Shabby

I don't know what else to say. But it went pretty well. I got into 4 houses but they were all just a waste of time. But over all, I do feel really good about how it went today. I think that is mainly because I know what I need to work on. Knowing is MORE than half the battle. If I went through the day like I did, and didn't know. It would be soooo absolutely frustrating and would not at all be helpful. It's good to know. And....good news my feet don't even hurt that bad. Either I picked some REALLY good shoes....or the pain is waiting for one grand entrance. In that case....can't wait!
Supa tired!
Peace out.

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NikkiBuell said...

I'm so glad that your day went so well! The first week is the hardest, but it gets easier. Especially if you can get good tips from some of the great sellers in your office. I LOVE YOU!