Two states down, two more to go - I love Utah!!!

So I left around 6 am this morning and got here at about...6 pm. (technically 5 CA time). Pretty good timing huh? Yes, I took a picture of myself while driving...SUE ME!
It was a good drive...it didn't seem to take as long as I thought it was going to.

Everything went great. My car ran great. I got pretty good gas mileage too, even through Donner.

I'm just glad to be out of the car..for now.

I leave for CO on Saturday morning.

I'm not there yet...keep praying for me please!

* * * * *

:sighs: The Wasatch! I LOVE IT!!

Yes, I took a picture of a street sign. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I-215 is important to me!
I'm just so happy to be here...it'll be a sad day when I have to leave so soon.

Oh well, I can always come back another day!


fijiangirl said...

I am so glad to hear you made it safe and sound! I will miss you this summer. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you make lots of $$$$$

NikkiBuell said...

I miss utah!!! oh, and you!!! I love you!