Swimming :) Sunburn :(

So, the other day I had a day off, Brittany had a free day, and my younger step-sisters are still on summer break. So we all decided to take Ashlyn (my niece, Brittany's daughter) swimming. It was a beautiful day out! Near perfect weather! So we are all ready to go and we get there but before anyone is allowed in the pool I break out the sunscreen. I tell everyone "Don't forget you hairline, your ears, the back of your neck...etc" Britt says, "I put too much on Ashlyn it won't rub in all the way."
"Good!" I said, "we know she wont get burnt that way!"

We are all having a great time! Ashlyn lasted longer than she ever has at the pool! She was having a blast it was the cutest thing i'd ever seen.

About an hour into it I tell everyone they might want to re-apply some sunscreen. We lather up Ashlyn again. She looks like she's been painted white! We're out there for maybe another hour and a half. And then Ashlyn is restless and its time to get home.

Oh, guess what I forgot....in making sure everyone else was protected against skin cancer I failed to put ANY sunscreen on myself. And most of my skin hasn't seen the light of day in years, if at all.

And of course my new swimsuit makes it look as though I was wearing a sports bra to the pool, I wasn't by the way! Worst tan/burn line ever! Seriously, what was I thinking? Or not thinking? It is super de-duper painful. And my lovely sister are helping me out and putting aloe on it twice a day. I hope it will go away quickly. I hope that I won't peel. I hope that someday I can remember to put sunscreen on myself too! Sigh....until then.

It looked worse the next day!

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Tausha said...

HOLY OUCH!!! Ohhh man, that hurts just looking at it. You poor thing!!!