Dear Elder, thank you!

A good friend of mine recently posted a video that seems to me, it is meant to help inspire our wonderful missionaries as they are out doing the Lord's work. It has also inspired me...in so many ways! I know we all have our own conversion...but there is something special about someone who has converted to the church that didn't grow up with it. You see, to me, church is home. It's something that's always been there and I have always known. I love the gospel so so much and believe it and know it with all my heart. But I didn't have to change much to be a part of it. I didn't have to give up any family or friends to continue to live the standards that I love. To me, converts are amazing! There is a lot of the time when they choose to walk away from everything they've ever known and sometimes their families and friends, in order to live a life they know is right. To me, that is amazing! ...and inspiring!

Do you ever wonder, what is holding you back? What is it that keeps you from changing. It's not that much change. And you've known what's been right your whole life. So what's the problem? The girl in this video, Al Fox, knows what is right. And her life changed before her very eyes and she's living it right! Just like that. To me, that is amazing!

Here is the link to her video, Dear Elder. It's such an inspiring and beautiful message! And I hope that there are many you can share it with! But that is not all, here is a link to her blog. I came across it, as well, along with the video and I tell you she is one amazing girl!

I may not be a convert to the church. But I must admit, I too, am one of the rescued. Missionaries have been a huge part of my life and helping me and inspiring me to live it better. I wish that I could reach out to each and every one of them and just say, "thank you!". Thank you for all that you have done! It is not easy to stand up for your religion without pause, sometimes in a different country, to people you do not know, and maybe even some you do. Thank you!
Let me ask you...have you thanked your missionary today?

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