Let's Read Together!

I may have sent you all a link on Facebook for this already, but I feel it necessary to post it here for you just in case. (sorry its a few days late)

We are going to read the Book of Mormon by New Years!

I'm so excited! I must admit, I've never read the whole Book of Mormon all the way straight through. How sad is that?!

So when this little challenge was sent to me I jumped at the chance! I guess I figure why not now?! I've started reading each day and I'm doing my best to stick with it. I don't actually own a set of scriptures right now. (even sadder, I know!) So I've been borrowing my sisters or I have the app on my phone and I've been reading from there. Well, that's working but I wish that I could mark everything....luckily, i'm taking a little trip to Utah this weekend where I will buy my very own set of scriptures! yay!

I hope you'll join me on this scriptural adventure! And please if you want to make this a discussion below in the comments...by all means! Who knows, maybe you all will teach me something(s) awesome!!!!

This is the schedule we are going by. Its only been a few days so i'm sure all you smarties can catch up!

Happy reading!

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