Guess what ya'll?! I joined a gym again! And how i've missed it!
It is just WAAAAYYY too cold outside to keep running at the track so I splurged on myself.
Late Christmas - early birthday...whatever you want to call it I am so incredibly excited!!!! I know I may not always look like it but I LOVE working out! I love running, jogging, walking, biking, spinning, dancing, stretching, yoga, pilates, training, boxing, lifting, push-ups the whole lot of it! I LOVE IT!

So, I couldn't really keep telling myself that I would be wasting money when I absolutely would get GREAT use of a gym membership.

I love having the little fob on my keychain. I love having my workout duffle in the car...ready to go whenever! I love being able to say, sorry...I have to go to the gym.



kalisarah88 said...

Congrats, Holly! That is really exciting! You go girl. :)

Julia said...

Hi sweetie... so I decided to check out your blog..... FINALLY!!
You are an amazing woman.... and I LOVE that picture you have for your profile.
I will talk to you later
Love you,