Let's call it summer!

Okay, so I know its only January. But I am sooo ready for summertime. The music, the sports, the tan...all of it. And as I was thinking about this I realized. Summer it always the time of my life! Winter's...good. But oh, Summer! I even made my official Summer Music Playlist! You can get a little taste of it right here on my blog!

I know we have a whole lot of Winter left but you know what Mother Nature? I don't care! We'll do it in the snow. It is now officially Summer Time!!!!

Break out the short shorts and sun tan lotion, i'm going to the beach! (figuratively speaking)

Come on, who cares about the weather. I've decided i'm going to have the time of my life, always! Cause three months out of the year just isn't gonna cut it any longer!

Who's with me?!

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