Here we go again!

Okay everyone! Here it comes! I'm starting a new semester this week! I'm really nervous excited for classes to start!
An update on last semester..I passed all my classes! WOO-HOO!! I didn't do as well as I could have but at this point passing is acceptable.  I got a B- in my English class! Totes wasn't expecting that!
Okay well there was one failing grade on there but it was a mistake and the professor is correcting it for me.  I have an A in that class! :)  (always wondered, what is the difference between a teacher and a professor?)
Anywho, I also have something really exciting that i'm going to start very soon! Just waiting on a package to be delivered (should get here tomorrow...EEEEEK!!!) I'm so excited!

and for those who were involved in the triathlon great job! I have the t-shirts coming to you very soon! :) Make sure I have your address! hollystumbles@gmail.com

Wish me luck on this new semester! my time-management skills need it!


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Julia said...

Okay... I'm dying to know what the package is... or do I already know.

I'm so proud of you and what you are doing with your life... and yes people. She does AMAZING invites, programs, wedding designs etc... she is a fountain of knowledge just waiting to be tapped!
(wait- did I just say my daughter was waiting to be tapped? hehehe)
I love you Holly and I believe in you! Now its time for you to believe in YOU!