How do you feel about Colorado Springs? - APX

If you know anything about a Mormon Singles Ward...then you know about the Security Boys. Every summer, every Singles ward has 10-20 new boys from out of town. They work for security, pest control, and sattelite companies. They're usually all returned missionaries (RM's). And they do pretty much the same thing that they previously did on their missions, but instead wearing white shirts and ties and spreading the Gospel... they wear polo shirts and shorts and sell security systems.

I want to have this job.

I've met a few of these guys in the past. And my cousin's ex works for Apex Alarms as a hiring manager. My brother-in-law is going down to San Antonio this summer to sell. So I should have some pull into getting a job for them right? Wrong! Apparently no matter how many people you know at Apex you still gotta do it yourself. So I did.
Last Friday I went onto Google to find information about Apex. The website gave me a bit of information and the opportunity to turn in a resume. So I did. This is what my email looked like...besides the attachment of my resume.

"To whom it may concern:

Although my recent job history lacks sales experience I want to stress to you that I am capable of anything you place before me. I know the physical and mental demands this job requires and I am willing and able to reach if not exceed those demands. I would love the opportunity to work selling door to door. I am ready for any and all challenges such a career might bring to my life. Please consider my application as more than just a request for a job, but a request for a new beginning. I meet all the requirements listed on your website for the job and I know that I can bring more to your company. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as an employee.

Holly J. Sommerville"

Because I sent the email late Friday night, I wasn't expecting any feedback until sometime this week. Well much to my glad surprise I recieved an email this morning from a guy named Mark.

"Holly,I read your email. I am a sales manager for apx alarm, my name is mark bench. Please call me when you get this ###-###-####. I'm interested in sitting down with you and discussing your potential career at apx. Thank you"

I could not hold back a smile. I got butterflies and the chills and I was shaking all at the same time. I was so excited that my resume triggered a response so quickly.
I finished up work at Jordan's and then I left to get the kids. I got out of Jordan's pretty early and didn't want to waste gas...so I just went straight over to the kids school. I could wait for an hour no problem.
While I was waiting I decided to call Mark. He answered and immediately started asking me a bunch of questions. "Where are you from? How old are you? Are you single? Would you have any concerns with moving?" Stockton, California, 20, yes, and you can move me ANYWHERE! I have no problems with moving.

He asked me how I heard about Apex and he continued to give me some more information about the company, the pay-scale, and why he is taking his crew to Colorado Springs. My first thought was, "Colorado Springs!!! Yess...so long as it isn't Stockton." My second thought, "I just hope my Dad and Sheri don't know that I'm there." My third, "This guy sounds like he's already made up his mind, AND I'M HIRED!!!"

He was telling me how he was "intrigued" by my email and I sounded really driven. "I need some one like you."

He also told me that this is the hardest job I could ever have. "I need one of those," I said.

He's going to email more information later tonight and wants to talk to me a bit more. He said, "I think in order to get you your trainging I may have to fly out there for a weekend but we'll take care of it." Does that sound like a, "When can you start?" to anyone else?

I am so excited. I need this so much. Pray for me!


C.Hill said...

APEX HERE U COME! lol. i love how i'm the only one commenting. =P

Nichole said...

Sorry my pull wasn't good enough. I'd still like to say I'm the one that got you on this track though. I'm so friggin excited for you!