The road to "Sister"hood - How it all began.

I spent 5 months in a small town in Virginia attending Southern Virginia University. My major was Theater...with no idea where that would take me I just answered, "because I like the theater?" I came home to Stockton and I knew that I could not afford to go back to school but I was only half way devastated.


My parents had become pretty chummy with the Elder's in our ward and they were over for dinner every Wednesday night....and every other day when they'd stop by...oh, just because. We only had Elder Smith for about two weeks since I'd been home and then it was transfer time.

Elder Woodward was going on and on about who his new companion was going to be, "this really tall dude with a really long name, Rasputin or something." The very next day being Wednesday, we were supposed to feed the Elder's dinner. I was in charge and I was making Lasagna.
We were running a little late and when we got home the missionaries were already there. Dinner was great. Elder Rasmussen asked me the normal question a Mormon girl gets at my age, "Have you thought about serving a mission?"...and I gave him my normal answer, "not really, no."
He went on about how much he loved serving and just telling cool stories from his 8 months so far. For some reason he really got me excited about missionary work and I really wanted to help some how.
Now I wasn't necessarily thinking about serving my own mission...I was only 19 and had plenty of time to think about it for a girl. But something about his attitude towards missionary work just made me want to help, in any way possible.
He made me think. I soon realized that I really DIDN'T have all that much time! Preparing for a mission takes awhile and I would be 20 in six weeks! So, I did what any Mormon should do in such a sticky situation...I prayed about it. I helped them as much as a could, took reading assignments from them, and genuinely prayed about it.


I woke up the morning of my twentieth birthday, and I knew that I wanted to go on a mission. To my mom this came as a bit of a shock seeing as, I didn't even tell anyone that I was thinking about it. It came to me as a shock too.
The Elder's were so excited for me, and eager to help in any way possible. My family didn't really believe me or think that I was capable of such a thing. But no matter what anyone else thought...it was on. Preparation began.
I started going to appointments with the missionaries. I put myself on their schedule, studied hard, attended all my meetings...sometimes twice a week! I was really going for it.


I finally found a job. And I had talked to my Bishop about my papers. My goal was April 2nd, 2008. 90 days before my twenty-first birthday.

* * * *


Things have been really tough. My eagerness to serve has been a rollercoaster since day 1. My activity with the missionaries has been the same. And my goal has been pushed back to October.
But all in all, I still want to serve a mission for the Church.

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Candy said...

Well, you know what i'll say about the "Jeff" thing. soo, i'll keep my smirk to myself. But i'm so happy you have decided to go on a mission. i know it will be sooooo good for you. i can understand the whole money thing, and it'll be a struggle. but in the end, everything will work out as long as you have faith that it will. love you!!