$10,000 - Funds for a Mission

Okay, so for a Sister, a mission costs between 8 and 10 thousand dollars. Which equals out to about 400 dollars a month, give or take. I don't have 8-10 thousand dollars. The money is supposed to come from 3 resources. First; the prospective missionary, second; the family, and third; the Church...in that order. Money is always the problem.
Unfortunately I don't have a job right now, which really SUCKS because I need to pay my bills. You see, in order to serve a mission you can't have any debt...I have about 4 G's worth of it. Nothing campared to some people but i'm 20 years old. I shouldn't have any debt. Anyway, I've been working on getting these things paid for but then I got laid off last month. So, as you can see I have a little bit of a situation.

* * * *

The first time I met with Bishop Doughty, after speaking with my parents, we had decided that I needed to pay off my bills, my Mom would pay $200 a month and my Dad would pay $200 a month. Sounds great. However, it doesn't look like my Dad is going to be helping me out with anything, anytime soon. And there is NO WAY that my Mom can afford even the $200 let alone $400.
You see where my problem is? I've already had to put it off for 8 months. And now Bishop tells me that I may have to put it off for another year after that! This seems so unfair. I understand that sometimes these things happen. And I'm ready for the challenge. And if I absolutely have to wait I will but...it just sucks is all.
Recently I turned in an application to work for Apex Security Company. My cousin's ex is a hiring manager for them and he's trying to help me out a bit. I hear you can make a lot of money doing this type of sale. Someone my sister knows made about 53 grand in one summer. And then some girl Nikki knows made almost a million dollars in just 3 short months. Now I'm not expecting to make nearly that much. But I know that if they just give me a chance that i can make at least enough to pay of my bills and maybe a third of my mission.
I really need this job. And I'll do whatever it takes to get it. That's how badly I want to go on a mission. I'll do whatever I can to make the money that I need. Provided that its legal! No matter what the challenge I'll step up to the plate and come out swinging.
I kind of have a job...its only $8 and hour but its full-time. The problem is this guy practically wants me to run his business...I can be a great employee but i'm not necessarily CEO material. But like I said, I'll come out swinging. I'm taking this job and I'll do my best but I am just PRAYING that Apex gives me a call. That would make my life.

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