What did I do this time? - It hurts when...

I don't appreciate people assuming things. My motives and/or feelings. They don't KNOW why I do what I do and I don't like it when they assume its for some stupid reason when its far from that. I've decided...aside from those in my ward for work reasons (which is the only thing I call them for anyway), I will no longer be in any sort of contact with certain people. I won't write them or call them or help them. If they are going to automatically assume that i'm calling for something dumb and they are going to ignore me and my messages...then i'm not going to ask them for help anymore. It's a good thing Nathan and Spencer answer their phone because nobody else will give me the time of day. I need a few more supplies that's all I ask...but I can't even get them to answer the phone when I want to offer them dinner. So you know what? Bugger off Jeffrey!

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