Longing to Serve - I'm so Jealous

This morning I went to the baptism of a cute little girl named Chloe. She is 9 years old and her daddy finally let her gat baptized. Her grandma, Sis. Papworth, invited me to come to her baptism. I wouldn't miss it for the world!
I haven't been to a baptism since Nick. (I'll tell you about him some other time)
I was so excited to be there. And I felt the Spirit so much. It was awesome. Elder Edge was conducting and he gave the talk on baptism. I never met him before today but he was pretty awesome. He is a great speaker and I was very impressed with how well he welcomed the Spirit into the room for everyone.
Well after the baptism, while Chloe was changing the do a little "Missionary Moment", where a missionary speaks to the guest about the Fist Vision. I've heard it so many times and I will never get tired of it.
At one baptism awhile back when Elder Jeff Rasmussen was a Zone Leader in Stockton he asked me to give the presentation. I was so nervous and I could hardly breath...but then Jeff started making faces at me from the back. I laughed a little and it totally helped me relax. From then on it was all good. I loved giving the First Vision and now everytime I hear it I get jealous.
Today Elder McCalvy gave the presentation. He was so nervous, the poor guy, but he did awesome. The whole time I just wished that I was up there giving it. I love how it just brings the Spirit into the room for everyone. And I can't wait until i'm on my mission and I get to teach everyone that I meet about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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