SCREW THIS - we'll see if I ever do anything for them again.

So here's the deal. A long time ago when I was still graced with Elder Rasmussen's presence in Stockton, he had a companion named Elder Creer.

Elder Creer was only actually in Stockton for 6 days, until someone in Sacramento got into a car accident and he was given clean-up duty and was Emergency Transferred (ET'd) out of here. Well those six days were awesome. We fed them dinner at The Creamery, and it was really good. We saw them at church and I think a few other times. Over all it was fun.

Well, when he was ET'd, President Huff promised him that he would be coming back to Stockton before he went home. This being his last transfer, we knew he would be here.

While my Mom was on the phone to Elder Stirland talking about Easter Baskets, I was lucky to find out that he was serving in the YSA ward as a ZL with Elder Malley. I wanted to do something cool for him to welcome him back to the area, and seeing as I had previously made a bunch of the Elders shirts....it just seemed like the perfect thing to do.

So Nik and I made the shirt, a poster, and a plan. Tonight being his first night back in Stockton, it was the perfect time for a welcoming committee. So we took the shirt, in a cute little gift bag; the poster, and some window chalk. We headed out at about 10:15 pm. This way we would be there at right about lights out at 10:30.

When we get there we scope the place out a bit. First we put the bag and the poster on the front porch. Then head around to the back to wait so that we could write on the window.

We waited.......

and waited......

and waited. The effing mexican missionaries were still in their proselyting (pros) clothes. And one of them has been on the phone since we got there!

It is now 11:15. Elder Malley and Elder Creer had just barely gone to bed, and the other two had "bedtime" absolutely no where in any of their future plans. It was fricken unbelievable.

The really odd thing is that we weren't exactly being quiet. They didn't hear, see, or suspect a thing.

So we're fed up. We decided to screw the window chalk, we rang the doorbell, and booked it around the building. When we get to the back door again, NOBODY HAS ANSWERED THE DOOR YET!!!! The mexican mosy's on over and opens the door, still on the phone. He looks down at the bag, yells something back into the apt. then looks around outside a little bit. The jerk then proceeds to take the bag into the kitchen, leaving the door open. The bag is clearly marked for Elder Creer, he is not Elder Creer...BUT HE GOES THROUGH THE BAG ANYWAY!!!! After a few he goes back to the door and looks at the poster. Still on the phone, its now 11:34, he reads everything off to his special telephone friend. If they weren't the ZL's, let me tell you, I wouldn've called them to rat out the stupid phone hog!

He finally takes the poster off the door and takes it into the kitchen. Elder Malley and Creer are still in bed. After about 5 more minutes he closes the door. He goes into Nathan's bedroom to tell him what's going on. He comes back out and takes the bag and the poster into the bedroom.

Elder Creer is pretty lazy as he plainly showed us tonight, he barely sits up in his bed as he looks through the bag and reads the poster. A few minutes later and the lights are off, Elder Creer and his companion are back in bed. (separate beds mind you!) And the stupid mexican missionary, STILL in his pros, goes and lounges his butt on the couch while he chats on the phone...wayyyy past his bedtime.

I have to say i've had some pretty lame experiences with the missionaries. But this one trump's them all. Hate is a strong word...but i'm feeling it for the mexican missionaries right now! We'll see if I ever do anything for them, EVER again!

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NikkiBuell said...

I totally agree!!! Screw them!