Softball - Hi, i'm your....coach?

Last year at Southern Virginia University I played third base for the Knights softball team. We had a pretty bad year (due to the fact that most of our players had no softball experience) but it was the time of my life.
Coach Smith left me on the bench most of the season until our last game when, for reasons unknown, Kimberly refused to play. I was up, as confident as ever. Not one ball went by me. After the game I was asked by Coach, "Where was that all season?"
Of course I had to answer with the obvious, "On the bench."
I was a little TO'd that he had hardly played me all year, but every minute was worth it.

We just recently moved into a new ward in our stake and our Visiting Teacher Kristin was over immediately. We talked a bit about softball and she told me that her husband coaches. "I would love to help coach a team I think that would be so much fun!"
Well the next Sunday my Mom actually talked to Joey. "I would love to have someone with her experience help me coach!"
I started yesterday just kind of assisting with the pitchers and catchers practice. Today was the whole team practice and it was time for me to, "step up to the plate." I was doing my best to give the girls tips, keep them motivated and beat the lazy out of them. No, no, I'm just kidding about the beating them part. I'm sure they'll deserve it later though.
Haha, no, I love these girls. They are all really good at what they do, they just need a fire lit under them. I'll only be here for another month, but I will do my best to get them motivated for the season.
I'm already sore, which in "Holly" means that I'm already having a total blast!

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