OVERWHELMED - When it all comes crashing down

Long days at work paired with auto shops closed after five linked to registration and insurance being due makes for a hell of a hard time getting your car fixed and having the money for any of the above. Aside from gas prices cars really aren't all that expensive until they totally break down. Maybe that's how those mechanics make all that money is by closing at 5. Because of their hours you put off getting your car fixed until the hole is too deep and you have no choice but to take a day off work. This sucks.

Then we've got all those other bills we have to pay for. Credit cards, phone, dental, medical, rent, etc. I don't have any medical insurance so my bills are 3 times what most others medical bills cost. Since my employer doesn't provide medical its probably worth it to get it myself but I can't afford that because i'm paying off my medical bills. Catch 22.
I don't get any funds or a reimbursement for moving for my work so I also have to come up with gas money to drive across 3 states.

Remember when you wanted to be an adult. How you thought it was so cool to be able to do anything you wanted. Well they didn't tell us that you have to pay out your ear for it. Thanks for the info parents.

Responsibility is not all its cracked up to be. Especially when, due to uncontrollable circumstances, you are thrown into it at the early age of 11. Cooking, cleaning, changing diapers on twins while making sure that the boy is entertained and the other 3 finish their homework and chores. All the while you have to go out of your way, for the safety of the family, to make sure your dad doesn't get pissed off. You have to take care of your mother who has cancer and can't do anything but lay in bed. AND, you have to get your own homework and chores finished.

If nothing else, it was quite a learning experience. It got me where I am today and i'm happy with that. And those experiences will stick with me my whole life. They will help me with a lot, the most important being...I don't want my children to go through the same things that I did at such an early age. I want them to be responsible but there are other ways of teaching them that responsibility.

I know my parents didn't do it on purpose. I'm not stupid things just happen. But now that i've been throught that, I know the things I need to do to avoid those situations...for the most part anyway. I mean I HOPE that I don't get cancer, but if it happens i'm sure my husband and I will be able to handle it. Being through it from my point of view, it may be easier for me to help my kids through it.

Over all, responsibility sucks! But we all get stuck with it...so make the most of it. And change your auto shop hours so that you're open AFTER people get out of work.

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