What makes Christmas time special?

Yes, I am perfectly aware that it is only the day after Halloween. However, I have been waiting for this holiday for eleven months now. So we will disregard the afore mentioned fact.

What makes Christmas time special? Well, of course it is a wonderful time to reflect on Christ's Atonement and all He gave for us. I love Him and everything He did for me and I try to remember that and thank my Heavenly Father for it daily. But this topic is for a later time. Because right now, what makes Christmas time special...are Danish Butter cookies.

Any other time of the year if you were to ask me, "Holly, what is your favorite cookie?" I would probably say, "White Chocolate Macadamia Nut"...while this is partly true, you also broke my heart a little by bringing up the subject. (how dare you?!) You see, my ACTUAL favorites are only sold (to the best of my knowledge[which isn't much by the way]) around Christmas time in those beautifully decorated Christmas tins. So, it is during the rest of the year that I must settle for a less than perfect tasting cookie.

Earlier this evening as I was walking through Wal-Mart (the second best place on earth) I noticed something so beautiful, so breathtaking that I could not look away. And I knew, that no matter what that I would leave that store with one of those tins or I would die trying. They are pretty cheap so naturally, I am still alive and at home enjoying the perfect cookie...with a perfect cup of hot chocolate! (hot chocolate details are still to come)

I do hope that you know or may come to learn the great story of the wonderful Danish Butter Cookies. After all, it is only a mere few dollars away! (really, buy a tin and there is a quaint little history printed on the a lovely piece of paper inside the tin) Either way, I do challenge you to buy at least one tin of royal Dansk this Christmas season. Then you will truly know why Christmas time is special!! (at least for me :D)

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