Dinner Party

Okay! Today was the first ever official Dinner Party that I have had and I would like to say that it was quite the success! I made baked chicken spiced with Mrs. Dash Original Blend (which is fantastic by the way). We also had salad and Herbed Chicken flavored Couscous...and if you've never had Couscous before? Well, shame on you! I took a photo of my dinner plate and aside from bad lighting and the fact that I took the photo with my cellular phone...it looks pretty tasty doesn't it?
Unfortunately, the salad came from a bag and the brownies came from a box. But hey, progress is progress right? I think I did rather well! I COOKED! I would like to make this a monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly event and just invite different people. My next feat is to make a completely Gluten-Free meal for my dear friend Andy. He was able to have the Chicken and the Salad tonight but, unfortunately, could not partake in the Couscous or brownies. How sad is that? He missed out on the best part! Well, needless to say, I do need recipes!

I would like to branch out, expand my horizons! So if you have anything that you could share that would be great! I would like to learn how to make foods from different cultures as well! And right now I am looking for Gluten-Free recipes...any suggestions?

Also, I am looking for a great Christmas Cookie recipe for a cookie exchange that I've been invited to next month. I haven't come across anything thats changed my world yet. If you have any ideas for that as well, that would be great.

I'm going to try to get a link set up with my email address. Or even just a little something on the side with my email and home address so that, hopefully, you all can start sending me your favorite recipes!

I can't wait to see what your favorite eats are!



Samantha said...

I have been looking for gluten free meals too. I've heard the affects of it and tried a gluten free diet for a while and felt my whole body change. I was also worried that it was affecting me in trying to get pregnant. Let me know if you find any. You're meal looks delicious!

simplybecky said...

That sounds yummy... I have a recipe for a really good toffee bar, which I've modified a few ways, but if you like toffee, you'll love it :)