The perfect morning snack food!

This morning I woke up early enough that I decided I would make a batch of muffins to share with my co-workers...we can only eat so much Taco Bell!

With a delicious mix my sister gave me from Alison's Pantry I got started...they're a real quick make. I decided to use my silicon Mini Muffin pan. (love the magic of the silicon!) I usually have more than 12 people working with me at once...this was to ensure that everyone got one. Ya know, for mini muffins they're actually a pretty decent size!

Turns out...EVERYONE LOVED THEM! And of course it was nice to eat something that wasn't Taco Bell.

A co-worker did ask if I could make a specific kind if I ever wanted to do this again. Banana Nut Muffins sound YUMMO!!! I'll have to look up a recipe but I told her I would do it.

Any suggestions? And remember my address and my email are to the left if you would like to send me recipes of your own...or cookies. :D

Til then.

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