The Grocery List

I need to buy a notepad. I am constantly thinking of things that I need to buy at the grocery store but when it comes to writing it down I don't do it. And when I'm at the store I always forget!

Every time my mom made a grocery list I remember thinking, "How hard could it be to remember what you need! I'm never making a grocery list, I wont need it."

Boy, was I wrong! I hardly remember ANYTHING that I need to get. Even, if not especially, when that's the only reason I went to the store to begin with!

Now, however, my dilemma is finding a cute note pad to make my list on. (come on it has to be cute!)

Okay, my task for this week is to go to the Dollar Tree Store (they always have good stuff right?) and find a cute and functional note pad that I can keep in my purse for the ever elusive Grocery List!

Wish me luck!

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