The Biggest Winner

Okay, it's almost here!  The Biggest Winner weight loss competition at Brigham Young University-Idaho begins on Monday where I will meet my trainer and begin my workouts and what I plan to fondly refer to as my first day in hell!

I'm so excited though!  All weekend I've been looking up motivational quotes and posters to help me get pumped for Monday and I am posting them ALL OVER my apartment!

I've been enlisting the help of my roommates to keep me motivated and to keep me AWAY FROM THE SWEETS!!  That's going to be the hardest part for me...giving up carbs and sweets.    :(   Mostly the carbs and the soda.   AAAAAaaaahhhh!!!!

I'm really excited...and scared!  And I am scouring the internet for tips....putting posters up everywhere!  The biggest one says GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!  I have one on this very computer that says "If you're not doing homework get up and GET OUT!'  ...probably my favorite!

Any tips and motivation is much appreciated!  I'm enjoying Kali's sugar free recipes and I am saving my favorites for when I am in dire need!  Any healthy and delicious recipes would be great too!

Wish me luck!

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