Don't you just love a late January cold?

This was my big purchase of the day.  Lucky me, I woke up on Sunday with a gnarly little cold.  So first thing this morning I ran to the store to stock up on all the treats that come with it. (thank goodness for Martin Luther King Jr. day! there was no class) 
Now, I swear by Nyquil and Dayquil...they work the best for me but they don't do anything about the nasal congestion.  So my roommate talked me into getting this Netipot nasal rinse thingy.  I gotta be honest, I was a little terrified to use it but...it was magical!  After using it I could actually breathe with my mouth closed!
Unfortunately...it doesn't last forever and the mucus builds up again.  No bueno!  
But, it's really helped with the headaches caused by the mucus buildup.  Just think, if I hadn't used it there would be twice as much in there! (ew!)
Next time i'll just make sure i'm taking my Vitamin C pills! ...lots of them.  
I don't like colds! 
Bundle up out there!

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Julia said...

Okay... I can be honest and thell you the nasal rinse thingy has me a little creeped out...
all I could think of was when I had my sinus surgery... they told me to use that rinse and what would happen and I was pretty sure that they were on CRACK!
I'm glad it worked for you... wish you were here.. .then I could feed you some Enchilada soup... (well I would have to go and buy it ... but you know what I mean...)
I love you Holly!! Get better!