Ranting and Raving - The BYU-Idaho Testing Center SUCKS!

     I never really thought that I would have anything to complain about here at BYU-Idaho but if you know anything about me...you knew this was coming.  Today I ventured off for my first EVER experience with the BYU-Idaho Testing Center.  I've heard some horror stories but I just shrugged it off.  It can't be that bad right?  Boy, was I wrong!
     I started on the Testing Center website to find out where it was.  No luck there.  I also wanted to see if there were any specific rules I needed to be aware of...nothing there either.  Of course it lists the Testing Center hours, slightly helpful.  And there is a link that says "Directions to Testing Center" but that only has driving directions to BYU-Idaho campus, and i'm pretty sure I know where that is!  After messing around with the website for awhile I just decided I wouldn't wear skinny jeans and that would have to be good enough as far as the rules were concerned.  After all I couldn't find anything telling me what else to do or not do.  Luckily, I was finally able to get a clear answer on where it was located, from my roommates.  So I was off.
     It's a good thing I had my I-card with me because apparently they need that to check you in.  No one told me that.  So they swipe my card, hand me a piece of paper and say good luck....I think I stood there for the longest thirty seconds EVER before he actually told me where to go!  He gave me this weird look like, "What are you new here or something?" Yes, yes I am.  So I walked in...found an empty desk and went for it...(the outcome of the test is irrelevant since I suck at math)  Anywho, about an hour passes and i'm finished so I get up from desk and head for the door when two people at the same time, "WAIT YOU CAN'T GO THROUGH THERE!"  and "SORRY HONEY THE EXIT IS OVER THERE!"  Thanks for yelling at me in front of all these people, that was nice of you.  You also interrupted them in the middle of their tests so i'm sure they appreciated it as well.  By the way...since the exit is on the opposite side of the room and around the corner...my bad for not knowing where it was and trust me I looked for signs...there was one...and it was on the door you exit through.  Which I couldn't see unfortunately because that door is on the other side of the room and around the corner!
     Maybe you will just see this as another horror story from the Testing Center....but now I know they weren't lying.

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