Week 1

As previously posted I am in a weight loss competition here at BYU-I called the Biggest Winner. It has been a crazy time!  I've had a workout everyday this week!  Some days I have even been twice.  I am sore and tired and cranky and I don't know if I will make it to the end of the next six weeks.  But you better believe i'm not going to give up!  My trainers are AMAZING!  They're always pushing me to do better.  And even though I felt like I might have literally passed out this morning, I finished my workout and even sprinted that last half lap of our run and ya know what?! I'm still here, alive and kicking.  I really hope and pray that I will see some weight loss results soon but even if I don't, I am accomplishing something.  Everyday that I walk out of this apartment and into that gym I've accomplished something.  Everyday I tell my body that I can do it, and that I will.
I think the best part is that I know that I am pushing myself to my limits.  I know that because this morning I was grunting so much (and so loud) to push through my workout that the whole gym stopped to look, and I wasn't even embarrassed.  I have no reason to be, I am doing this!
I am always a little scared, coming back from the gym, that I might not make it up the stairs to my apartment....so far I haven't needed any major assistance so, we're doing good.
So guys and gals....if you have any tips and tricks please, fill me in.  If you need any? well, i'm all ears and i'll do the best I can...even if you just need a little push, a little motivation...well, I'm a great cheerleader!

I am Holly Sommerville.
And I'm losing, to win!


Tausha said...

This is great! I'm seriously SO PROUD of you! I've heard that after like 2 weeks you will start to see results and it will be easier on your body - so you will be motivated to go.

I find fitness/motivation quotes and pictures to be most helpful. I have pictures of all the skinny bodies, and quotes about diet, health on my fridge, snack drawer - etc. I think always having the remainder and finding the motivation is important. Can't wait to hear about everything as you continue!

Kirk & Nikki said...

Go Holly!
I love you and I'm so proud of you.
I know you can do it!!!