Employment and car troubles often go hand in hand.

At least for me they do. And all I can think is, "at least now I have a job so that I can fix the car troubles." Optimism is key.
So, I got both of the jobs that I wanted. The shifts didn't exactly work out the way that I planned but one step at a time. I started Sears today. I start APX on Tuesday. I'm going to be working at Sears in the morning shifts and then at APX from 6:15 pm to midnight. At least its not till 2 am right? You see, optimism.
I'm actually really excited. My training for both jobs is this coming week. Sears I can pretty much go in whenever just for my computer training and just keep going until it is finished and I start on the floor on Friday. APX, I have training Tuesday through Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm. And then I'm on the phones on Saturday from 8:30 am until 3pm. So I have a busy week ahead of me. Well here's some more good news. Maybe I will be tired enough to fall asleep before 4 am....or at all!

* * * * *

Today I went on this hike with Hailey this morning. We left at about 9:30 am. We hiked up to the G on the mountain. That is for Pleasant Grove High School. The hike was actually really difficult. Very steep. So its good that it was pretty short. It took us about two hours round trip, but that is only because I am friggin SLOW! But hey, I made it. And it was fun. We're going to try to do that twice a week. That'll be a good work out huh? Hopefully it really shrink my bottom...hehe. That is what I'm hoping for anyhow.

Well, more next time.

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fijiangirl said...

Congratulations on both jobs. Things are working out the right way for you! We miss you... are you ever coming back?