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Okay everyone! (all what, three of you?) My friend Tausha needs your help!
Her blog is usually only a hop skip and a jump away but today its RIGHT HERE!
This is her gorgeous face!
 And just below you get to read about what an awesome difference her 
and her husband are making in the world!
Be the difference with her!

Tausha, its all you!


Did I get your attention??
Good, I wouldn't be here if I didn't need the help. my good friend and fellow blogger Holly, has agreed to let me post on her blog! THANKS lady! (Oh, and if your not participating in her lazyman, you better! I'm doing it!)

I promise I will steal the spotlight only for a moment.... I'm so excited to be able to reach out, and get as much as attention as we can get. I've come across the opportunity to change so many lives, and I need help!
This October, my husband and I (we blog at http://www.chadandtausha.com/) will be traveling with a good friend of ours to Uganda to help build a pig farm for the individuals in Uganda. We are aspiring to raise $10,000 to build the piggery and to help educate on the specifics of Pig Farming. This pig farm will help thousands of people and will dramatically improve their way of life for GENERATIONS to come. Each family involved with the project will be given two piglets; one male and one female. They will receive proper training on feeding, breeding, and care. And amazingly enough, within a year of receiving their piglets and yielding just 10 additional piglets, a single family can:
Pay school fees to 10 kids in a grade school for a year
Buy home supplies
Save at least US$ 500 per year
Buy the needed supplementary food for the family
Pay medical bills in a good hospital
Buy a bicycle as means transport for the family
Within two years a farmer can build a cemented house with metal roof
Thats why we are asking all of our friends and family who carry even a slight desire in their heart to do good, and all those who share the same spirit and fire that carry these amazing people, to help us reach our goal.
A donation, no matter how big or how small, means you will have contributed to the ultimate gift for a person in need: The gift of opportunity.
And, I'm known for bribes so: if you donate $20 to this AMAZING cause, I will send you a 100% customizable banner for FREE!
(I'll pay shipping too!)
Thanks so much for letting me visit!!

 Chad and Tausha
You can click the picture to donate!


You heard her! 
Let's all help out!  Visit her blog and donate!

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