In all honesty it's been a pretty rough day.  I stayed up pretty late last night working on some homework (luckily I don't work at 4 am anymore).  Today I realized that my paper (that I haven't started on) is due THIS WEEK! not next week like I thought....oops!  I had my first day of my new job today, which I was excited about, but I could only focus on how much more homework I have to do.  I stopped off at a Mavericks on the way home and bought 5 bottles of 5-hour Energy...I shouldn't have to use all of them....but just in case.  It's gonna be a long night for sure!
I figured i'd stop in to check on things (and see if I got anymore sign ups for the Lazyman Ironman Triathlon Giveaway...don't forget to email me so you can be entered!) and I saw that my good friend and fellow blogger Tausha was at it again, constantly bringing me more inspiration and motivation to get going!  She did a short-sweet little post (my favorite kind!) about gratitude, being grateful for things that we have everyday. You can see her post here.
I instantly started thinking about the good things in life and I wanted to make a short little list so, here it goes:

I am grateful for: (in no particular order)
My family, my roommates, the opportunity I have to be in school, the gospel, the atonement, the spirit, my job, my health, technology, inspiration, the internet, flip-flops, 5-hour energy, texting, movies, sunshine, new friends, and old ones, clean dishes, music, my car, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, Disneyland (i'm serious!), lazy Sunday's, Amazon.com, warm showers, the scriptures, baseball (opening day will be here so fast!!!!), knowledge, culture, diversity, heck a whole slew of things!
I recently bought a couple of MoleSkine notebooks from target...just little tiny ones. (I highly recommend them, they're just great!) and I planned to use one for everyday note taking, phone numbers, dates, random lists...what have you.  The thing is, they come in packs of two and I didn't know what I would use the other one for....I think I will use it for a little gratitude journal.  And let me tell you i'm so excited to begin!
So, on that note, I want to offer you all a challenge:
1) go to Target and buy a pack of MoleSkine notebooks.  Whatever size.
2) designate one as your daily gratitude journal
3) everyday fill the page with things you are grateful for, this should be really easy if you get the wallet sized one
4) give the other notebook to a friend and ask them to write a gratitude journal also!

I've done this in the past and I can tell you, everything is so much better when you are aware of things to be grateful for!  Hopefully you'll all take my challenge (and join my giveaway)!


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Tausha said...

YAY!! This is amazing HOLLY! You seriously melt my heart.
I'm thankful for YOU!