'The Glad Game'

What can I be 'glad' about?

My family, my friends, my faith, my health (sort of...it could be worse), the sunshine, my ward...there's so much I can be glad about that it would be a little bit ridiculous and probably very tedious for me to list EVERYTHING right here. Now, I know i'm not the most chipper person you've met. But hey, I am trying! "To try is to sit, you have to do!" ya ya...saw that movie too. Yoda said something about it as well didn't he? Not the point....yes I have one.

The point is that I haven't failed, because I haven't given up. Everyday I keep trudging through, finding things to laugh about and things to smile at. No, it's not always easy...but who's life is? If you think your life is easy then be extremely grateful, and hold on tight cause there's something coming around the corner for you. That's life and, I'm living it.

I think you should give life a shot. Totally worth it!

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duckie-125 said...

Thank you for that Holly! You are wonderful! :)