Its about time!

So, i'm really bad at this blogging thing. I read everyone's...just have a hard time posting my own. So here's an update of everything so far.
Colorado is pretty awesome. I love all the outdoors and everything that you can do here. The possibilities are endless! I went snowshoeing for the first time! I also went hiking, while it was snowing...to a water fall! Figure that one out?! It was a blast though! I can't wait to do more and more! Everyone here has horses so i'm trying to find someone that will take me horseback riding....no luck so far.
As far as employment goes, I just started TWO jobs. I work at Taco Bell and I work for the Local Census Office. My hours are a bit crazy and I will be lacking in the social life for quite sometime...but it'll be worth it.
I'm playing the guitar a lot more...not really progressing with it...but still playing a lot more. I'm also kind of trying to teach myself how to play the piano...there is some progression there. But only some.
I LOVE my ward! Which is strange because I never thought that any other ward could live up to the Pacific YSA standards...we're pretty close here! I'm having a great time! I have a great calling as a part of the activities committee and we are always busy planning and preparing fun and exciting things for everyone! We have some majorly great ideas! I wish there was more time so that we could do them all!!!!! But so far we just have to narrow it down to the best of the best.
No dating yet....there are a few guys I may be interested in but I don't want to ask and then expect them to pay for everything...so we'll see what happens when I start recieving paychecks. I did ask one guy to go dancing...because we can get in free...lol. But he took a raincheck...maybe another time. It was last minute...I asked him ten minutes before I left so I can't blame him for not being able to make it. He seemed happy that I asked, and bummed that he really couldn't go, i'm taking that as a good sign. There is another guy I want to ask on a date...but i'm having trouble coming up with a plan for what we could do...so any ideas would be great!
Well, I do think that is the jist of it. I'm just trying to keep a float with all that is going on. Majorly good times! Some that are not so good...but I try not to focus on those ones.
Well, it seems that its time to go for now! I hope to hear from you all and I will try to keep posting more often!

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LCLS said...

Holly, I just discovered your blog and read a bunch of your entries. What a person of great depth you are! And your personality comes through in every entry. I'm so glad that I know you!

Now. . . tell me the story behind the change in your last name. Should I know this already?

Here's a little Stockton news: Christine Mullen just got her mission call to MILAN, ITALY! Ashley Pond just graduated from BYU and will be going to Berkeley to become an ophthalmologist. My goodness . . . that's all I've got. I need to get out more!

I'm still teaching Seminary and I love it. However, I remain lonely for my first class. You guys have a special place in my soul. I would love to snatch you all back and make you teenagers again just for my benefit. :-)

Send me a note sometime. Love you!

Lisa Walker