Jack's Magic Compass

Lately my life has been really messed up and confusing. I'm not going to go into details. But basically the one thing I really wanted to do is not an option anymore. I messed up. And it turns out everyone was right....I can't do it. I don't have much else to say. Just need a little venting space.
I'm not sure where to go from here now. All of my immediate goals were facing this one life changing thing. I really wanted it. But I apparently forgot about it long enough to totally screw it up. Now i'm not sure what my goals are leading towards.
My direction is lost.
I need a new compass. Maybe one like Cpt. Jack Sparrows...one that points to what I want more than anything. At least then i'll know. So that I can either achieve it, or change my life so that I can have something even just a little bit better than what I supposedly want.
I guess if I ever get one of these magic compasses It will be really helpful. But let's be honest...even if Jack Sparrow was a real person, I think he's too greedy to give me his magic compass. Ya know?
Anyhow, I guess i'm done venting for now.

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Batepeople said...

nothing is final but death and taxes. the Gospel and your Heavenly Father are you magic compass. Through Him all things are possible. don't give up on dreams because you screwed up, that is why we have repentance. belive me I know. unless you have committed murder, I think things will work out. make a U-turn and start again. maybe your goals were meant to keep you on the path and lead you to where you need to be. mabey not where you really wanted to be, but someplace where the lord wants you to be. If I was at where I wanted be be Paul would make as much money as Bill Gates and we would have a house. but life is what we make it and I am learning you have to make it the happiest life you can, or you will be preaty miserable. I love you and I know you know what is right and wrong and how to get back from whatever is going on. just take that U-turn. Love you Elisa