Tithing works! ...I have proof.

Okay, maybe not proof. But I know that it works.

I ordered a free trial of something online. And we all know that free really means you have to pay for them to ship it to you...what's five bucks? Well, I never recieved my order. And so that they didn't automatically send me another order for the full price I called 5 times to cancel and couldn't ever get someone on the phone. So I emailed their customer service thing to cancel it. Well guess what, they pulled $45 dollars out of my account the next month. I was livid! I tried calling another 8 times to cancel it. And after finally being on hold for 2 hours and not getting anyone I emailed them again...and again. Nothing.

So I went to my bank, Wells Fargo, and told them the issue. So they cancelled my card and are sending me a new one. (that way the company can't charge me anymore) They also put the money, the $45 and the original $5 for shipping, back into my account.

So today I get this phone call. It turns out that $45 dollars that the company took, that I didn't authorize, caused me to overdraft SIX TIMES!!!! What's $35 dollars times six? Apparently its $210 dollars!!!!! They gave me back that money!

I so totally needed that money you have no idea. I've been worrying for like three weeks how I was going to pay my rent and viola! Now, I can do it!

Yes, like all banks, Wells Fargo has fees. And yes, they're overdraft fee is higher than a lot of other banks. But when there is something wrong, they sure as heck fix it! I love Wells Fargo.

I love paying tithing! It works. I love the church! It's so true.

As a wise man once said, "We are the offspring of Heavenly Father, it is against out "genetic code" to be happy going against the commandments of God." Paying tithing is a commandment. I promise it will bring you blessings and happiness. Afterall, it worked for me!

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